How do clients use us?

   There is the traditional scrolling text on camera style of teleprompting but, ultimately, it’s all about saving time. A host looking directly into the lens helps an audience stay more engaged. The problem is this style lends itself to longer pieces of dialogue and the single angle makes it harder to edit around mistakes: and obviously in live productions these issues are amplified. All of this created the need for teleprompters.

  Your schedule always accounts for errors but there’s a limit. Also, most of the scripts we work with have been meticulously scrutinized. Actors may not realize the impact of replacing a word or when you’ve chosen the authenticity of non-actors, getting the correct language can be even harder.

   No matter the audience or client your production is a specific product delivered at a specific time. We’d like to share some different ways our clients have used AK Teleprompt to save time and money.

Eye Direct, much like a periscope that reflects another's face to the talent 

Image in the prompter…

  Any image can be placed in front of the lens. Most commonly it’s the face of your interviewer asking questions to your interviewee. This is a fantastic scenario for putting a non-actor at ease. Is your interviewer stuck in another city? Try Skype, we’ll get the image up in no time.

What the director would see by using the Eye-Direct

Sometimes called an "interitron" setup, this was two parents talking to their child

PowerPoint slides…

  In fact anything on a computer screen can be put in front of the lens. Many clients choose PowerPoint slides as a guideline for what they’re saying to camera.

Monitors in actors eye line

Off camera…

  Actors need to know what to say and where to look; this means a monitor with scrolling text can be placed wherever you want the actor's eye line.  Two actors facing each other? Try two monitors, one over each actor’s shoulder.  Child actor? Keep them looking where you want and pop up an image that makes them smile.

Presidential or podium…

You choose your words carefully. Now make sure you actually say them when it counts. Whether you’re a president, a CEO, or a motivational speaker your time with your audience is limited and mistakes are costly.

Presidential Prompter

Fits DSLR cameras

Light weight for jibs and fits large cameras

Teleprompters are a tool to keep you on schedule. AK Teleprompt isn’t just equipment, we’re experienced operators who understand sets, client relations, and the value of time. Our teleprompters are the best, but for those unforeseen problems that can, and will, come up we maintain equipment redundancy. Last minute script changes, nervous talent, high maintenance or high profile clients, we’ve seen it all and enjoy doing whatever is needed. We’ve helped our clients in countless ways.

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